Both Sides Predicting Victory With Two Days To Go Before Election.

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Campaign aides for both President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are predicting victory on Tuesday.

On ABC's "This Week," Romney adviser Ed Gillespie says his confidence comes from the crowds he's seen at the Republican candidate's events and the number of voters who say they remain undecided.

With just two days left before the election, Romney is making a play for votes in Democratic-leaning Pennsylvania. He and running mate Paul Ryan have an event planned in Morrisville, Pa., this evening.

But Obama aide David Plouffe (pluhf) calls the effort a "desperate ploy." He tells ABC's "This Week," that by the Obama team's calculation, Romney would need to win two out of three independents to win Pennsylvania. Plouffe says that won't happen in any state.

Obama's closing out the campaign with an apparent edge in some key battleground states, including Ohio. Romney's campaign is projecting momentum and banking on late-breaking voters to propel him to victory in the exceedingly close race.