Bryan Texas Utilities to Conduct Tree Trimming Around Power Lines

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BRYAN Bryan Texas Utilities has contracted Asplundh Tree Expert Company to trim trees surrounding power lines.

The Areas affected include Bryan, the rural areas of Brazos County, and parts of the College Station area.

BTU says it will will be an ongoing operation beginning October 1, 2013.

To report where trees are contacting lines, or any other dangerous situations related to power, call 822-3777.

The primary cause of electrical outages in most electric service areas is contact with trees and the wildlife that live in those trees, like squirrels, birds and even snakes.

BTU trims each electric distribution circuit every five years as part of their standard maintenance of overhead power lines.

Trees are trimmed according to the guidelines of the contractor's arborist and with the health of the tree and environment in consideration. Homeowners can expect any limb within an 8 foot distance of a power line to be trimmed.

"Electric utilities must trim power line easements as part of our diligence in providing BTU customers with safe and reliable electric service", said David Werley, BTU group manager of business and customer operations. "Electric lines are trimmed on a 5 year rotation in order to be cost effective while adequately maintaining the lines."