Hit And Run Victim Speaks About Finding Suspect

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Police are looking for the driver who hit a 20-year-old College Station man and left him for dead.

He's is out of the hospital after suffering major injuries including broken ribs and a broken tail bone.

Coltin Boggs is known to some as Mr. Invincible. The martial arts artist stays strong for different reasons.

"I want to fight to build my credibility to be an instructor,” said Boggs.

He's been knocked out many times...but this week he took the toughest hit.

“I thought I died,” said Boggs.

Saturday night, Coltin and his friends were walking to their ride on Texas A&M Campus. They were trying to cross Bizzell Street.

"[We were] waiting for the crosswalk. Everything is fine,” said Boggs. “I walk and I don't really remember. I turned right. I didn't hear brakes. I saw a flash of light and then I was out."

"I thought I was paralyzed. That was my biggest fear because I couldn't move my legs,” said Boggs.

Coltin broke his leg, tailbone and several ribs. Those are just some of his injuries.

Coltin is trying to understand why the driver took off without helping. Just last month, Coltin was called a hero. He risked his life to chase down a thief who stole a lady's purse in College Station.

"I had the mentality that not a split second went that I didn't think I was going to chase that guy or I was not going to get that person,” said Coltin. "He had the ability to help me. He could have stopped, called the cops. He had every ability, and he didn't.”

Police are still looking for the suspect. Meanwhile Coltin is looking forward, living up to his nickname.

"I'll tell people, I'm invincible as a joke. But there it goes,” said Boggs. "I like to prove I'm tough."

Mr. Invincible is doing just that inside and outside the ring.

If anyone has information on the suspect, you are asked to call the College Station Police Department at 979-764-3600.