Johnny Football Buys Drinks For Hundreds Of Fans In College Station On Draft Day

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COLLEGE STATION - Aggie fans around the nation held their breath Thursday night as they waited for Johnny Manziel to be drafted into the NFL. The scene was no different at Chimy's Cerveceria in College Station, but what fans didn't know is that Manziel had a huge surprise up his sleeve.

After waiting more than two hours, Manziel was picked No. 22 by the Cleveland Browns. Back in College Station, a round of Fireball shots and Miller Lites was delivered to everyone of age at Chimy's on Manziel's tab.

General manager Petro Robledo, who has known Manziel for some time, said the player dropped into the restaurant last week to say hello when the whole plan unfolded. He left his credit card number there, and the rest is history.

"He said he wanted to show his gratitude and show his support that all of the faithful aggies have shown him in the past two years," Robledo said.

About 250 people were in the restaurant on draft night, and Robledo said the crowd couldn't believe that Manziel had really bought everyone drinks.

"The crowd's reaction was really excited," Robledo said. "They didn't know if it was true or not. I kept having to reiterate that it was really from him, not from anyone else."

In true Manziel fashion, he had the crowd chanting his name from thousands of miles away as they toasted his draft victory.

"He did it out of pure thanks, it wasn't about spending a certain amount of money."

Roledo said the two did joke that it would be cool if his tab came out to $2,000 because of his jersey number, but he would not say what exact amount was spent.

UPDATE: After the draft, Chimy's decided to name the drink after Johnny Bartender. If you want a Miller Lite and Fireball shot, just ask for 'The Manziel'