1 Confirmed Dead after 2 School Buses Crash in San Antonio

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One person is confirmed dead and several others suffered minor injuries following an accident involving two school buses outside Wagner High School on Monday morning, a Bexar County Sheriff's office spokesman said.

The crash occurred at North Foster Road and Candlemeadow, which is near the entrance to the school parking lot, said Louis Antu, the Sheriff's Office public information officer.

A San Antonio ISD school bus driver was killed, authorities confirmed. Several student received minor injuries. One was transported to a hospital, while the others were treated on scene.

The SAISD bus was northbound when it went out of control, jumped a curb and struck a southbound Judson ISD bus. The SAISD bus then continued onward and went through a fence before coming to rest in a yard.

It was not immediately known why an SAISD bus was near the Judson ISD campus.

Six ambulances were dispatched to the location, the Acadian Ambulance spokesperson said.

There was no immediate word about any other injuries or how many people were involved.