Pedaling to Raise Awareness

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Cyclists riding to raise awareness for some life saving donations, rolled in to College Station Tuesday afternoon.

The Lone Star Circle of Life Bike Tour began in Austin Saturday and made a stop in College Station Tuesday afternoon, before heading to its final destination in Gatesville.

Cyclists are promoting the need for marrow, blood, tissue, and organ donation.

"I'm riding to continue to honor my donor. I had a heart transplant 15 years ago," Cyclist Bonnie Lundy said. "I also work for Transplants for Children in San Antonio and I know the need -- I see it on a daily basis. The need for organ and tissue donation awareness."

The tour is now in its tenth year, and encourages others to learn about the life-saving donations.

"All across Texas people need blood, people need organs and bone marrow donations for treatment for cancer and other diseases, and there is a shortage," Travis Kaspar, who rode in honor of a donor said. "We need more of all those things and so it is very easy to help and that is what we want to let people know."