Officials Say Policy was Broken During Deadly Inmate Escape

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HOUSTON (AP) - The Texas Department of Criminal Justice independent investigator's office and the Texas Rangers are reviewing this week's deadly inmate escape attempt near Huntsville.

Officials say a guard on horseback who was monitoring inmates as they worked in a vegetable field outside of the Wynne Unit prison allowed one of the inmates to get too close to him.

That apparently contributed to the escape because the inmate was able to pull the guard to the ground.

Department spokeswoman Michelle Lyons says mounted guards are required to stay 30 feet away from inmates.

As the two inmates fled in a stolen truck parked nearby, the men struck a horse ridden by 59-year-old correctional officer Susan Canfield, who fell to the ground and died.

Convicts John Ray Falk and Jerry Duane Martin were recaptured within four hours.

Canfield's horse was euthanized after a bullet wound was discovered.