Report Details Donations in Texas Politics

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AUSTIN -- Texas statewide and legislative candidates raised a combined $158 million for their 2006 campaigns.

That's according to a new study released Thursday by a nonprofit group that tracks political fundraising.

The online report by Texans for Public Justice (site linked below) analyzes campaign funds raised by 378 candidates for top statewide offices and the Legislature. Those who won the 173 races raised two-thirds of all the money.

There were 142 people or couples who gave totals exceeding $100,000 last year.

Lawyers and lobbyists made up the largest interest group that gave money to candidates, having donated $23 million overall.

The top individual donors in Texas' 2006 election to all campaigns were homebuilder Bob Perry and his wife Doylene of Houston, who gave a combined $7.16 million.

Second were businessman James Leininger and his wife Cecilia of San Antonio, who contributed $5.55 million.

Both couples were donors to Republican Governor Rick Perry.