Pasadena Officer Convicted of Deadly Conduct

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HOUSTON (AP) - An off-duty Pasadena police officer who shot at a man in a road rage incident earlier this year has been placed on probation.

A jury Wednesday found Marcus Justin Kacz guilty of deadly conduct.

Visiting Judge Jim Larkin sentenced Kacz to 18 months probation for the misdemeanor. He also must attend anger management classes, pay a $400 fine, do community service and undergo random urine tests.

Prosecutors say the 26-year-old chased a driver who cut him off. Kacz shot at a passenger in the sport utility vehicle at least three times.

Defense attorney Greg Cagle says Kacz followed the sport utility vehicle because the driver was running red lights and driving dangerously. He says he will appeal the verdict.

It is against Pasadena Police Department policy for off-duty officers to pursue suspects.