Proposed Topless Club Creating Road Safety, Morality Concerns

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News in Hearne of the opening of the Horseshoe Club, a gentleman's establishment where employees will be topless, spread like wildfire, and opinions in the town, as you may guess, are varied.

David Eli has lived in Robertson County for 61 years, and says his home is about a mile from the club.

"I couldn't believe it," Eli said. "This is not Houston Telephone Road."

Eli worries about his property value and the wrong element coming into the county. Others do share his sentiments, but a number of Robertson County residents say they do not mind the sex-oriented business.

In mid-August, the Horseshoe's two owners applied for a beer license from Robertson County.

"I denied that petition, that application, based on an insufficiency in the application that I perceived to be there," Roe said. "I believe the application was defective on its face."

Roe also objected to the possibility of intoxicated patrons leaving the business in the early hours of the morning and getting onto Robertson County's deadliest road, Highway 6.

"I further believe that it was completely against public safety," Roe said.

Just this month alone, several fatal accidents have occurred on Highway 6 in the county. Judge Roe says while waiting for more law enforcement to monitor county roads, approving an additional alcohol complication could be disastrous. Eli agrees.

"Alcoholic beverages are to be sold to the people and then they drive out on Highway 6," Roe said. "I mean, it doesn't make any sense."

The owners of the Horseshoe Club can appeal to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission for a beer license, or they could make their establishment an all-nude club and allow customers to bring in their own beer.

Their attorney, meanwhile, has petitioned for a new hearing before Judge Roe regarding their license to sell beer.

However, Roe stands by her initial decision to deny the permit.

"I believe my course was clear in denying the application based on insufficiency," Roe said.