Wohlgemuth Receives Major Endorsements

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At the Brazos Center Saturday, State Representative Arlene Wohlgemuth received a major show of support from her friends and colleagues in her race for the District 17 seat in the US Congress. It was a gathering of almost every living representative for Brazos County, including Kevin Brady, John Carter and former Senator Phil Gramm.

"I have worked alongside them. It has been my privilege to do so," said Wohlgemuth. "And now they are working alongside me to make certain that this district sends someone to Washington who is going to support our President."

While the event was to promote the Wohlgemuth campaign, Representative Carter took the time to thank Brazos County, which he will no longer represent after this election.

"I surrender reluctantly, but I will never, ever fail to be a congressman that represents the people who brought me to office," said Carter. "Even though they're not my district, I love the people in this area, I love Texas A&M University, and I will always be their congressman."

Also on this day, a sharp attack aimed at CBS News and the questionable documentation of President Bush's National Guard service.

"This week, we saw a turning point where a major news organization in the United States attempted the political assassination of the President of the United States and failed," said David McIntyre, who ran for the republican nomination against Wohlgemuth, but who now supports her.

But in the shadow of the 9/11 anniversary and the national political drama, the focus rarely strayed from the candidate, who touted polling numbers which show her slightly ahead of Democrat Chet Edwards.

"To move 14 points since the end of April is almost unprecedented," Wohlgemuth told the crowd.

"I know both candidates very well," said Gramm. "I've known them both for many, many years, and they're both good people. But Arlene shares my values. Arlene is a conservative. Arlene believes in individual liberty and free enterprise and limited government."

And a powerful conservative cast showed they believed in Wohlgemuth.