Chappell Hill Bank Allows Customers to Carry Guns Inside

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A bank in Chappell Hill is taking the second amendment out of the vault by letting their customers carry guns inside.

At first glance, you might not notice anything unusual about the Washington County bank, but take a closer look.

"If you've got a handgun carry license I don't have any problem at all and I encourage you to bring it in the bank," Chappell Hill Bank President Edward Smith said.

Chappell Hill Bank is one of the oldest banks in Texas, and it's also one of the first banks to encourage the right to bear arms.

"I've been looking at what's been happening in this country; lawlessness, and we've been robbed several times, so I changed it to reinforce the second amendment," Smith said.

While Smith is a firm believer in the Second Amendment, Steve Moreland is too. He's been banking at Chappell Hill for nearly 20 years.

"I believe the second amendment is what protects our country. It protects the people in our country and I believe that licensed firearms are safe as long as you have educated people carrying them," bank customer Steve Moreland said.

Smith says Chappell Hill has been robbed five times since opening in 1907, two in the last 26 years, with the most recent in March.

"He came in here wearing a bandanna, just like out of the old west and he was successful," Smith said.

Smith says he hopes his new message will be too.

"The management recognizes the second amendment, and the other is, if you come in here wanting to rob them, you better watch out. You might get something more than money."

It's a new idea that's catching on as other banks in Texas hope to follow the lead of one of the oldest banks in the state.