TDCJ Correctional Field Officer Laid to Rest

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Hundreds gathered at Johnson Coliseum on the campus of Sam Houston State University, to pay final respects to Susan Canfield.

Many of them co-workers, her Texas Department of Criminal Justice family.

Canfield's immediate family found strength to speak about the wife and mother tragically taken from them.

Her stepson Christopher, described his step-mom in a memory etched forever in his heart.

"She was very nice and loving to me right off the bat," Christopher said. " She always had a smile as big as Texas."

Perhaps it was her infectious smile that made her appear unassuming to the two inmates who tried to escape under her watch on Monday.

Convicted felons Jerry Martin and John Falk allegedly overpowered Canfield, stole a car and ran her over.

The Wynne Unit's Warden Charles Bell said there is no doubt Canfield was unfaltering in carrying out the mission of the TDCJ, by thrusting herself into harm's way to protect the pubic.

"Officer Canfield made the ultimate sacrifice by fighting to her death at her attempt to prevent an escape," Canfield.

Final honors were paid to Canfield by state officials and law enforcement officers, but some say revamping inmate screening for work detail may be the most appropriate tribute.

Texas State Senator Steve Ogden said in light of Canfield's death, that is a possibly that needs to be looked into.

"In her honor we ought to take a look at what policies and procedures are in place and see if any changes need to be made so, that this doesn't happen again," Ogden said.