Genesis House on the Verge of Opening

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A new beginning is finally a step closer for some children who need a fresh start.

For the last four years, Cheryl Bulter has been working to provide a safe transition home for abuse and neglected kids.

On Saturday, Genesis Corner House opened its door for a public tour.

The house was acquired last summer and since that time Bulter, who is the executive director, along with volunteers have been hammering away to bring the facility up to state code.

She said she is excited about being close to completley realizing her dream to offer kids in need a place that feels like a home.

"I just love children. I've always thought every child should have a home somewhere," Bulter said. "It won't be permanent but it will be somewhere that they can come when they need."

Bulter's mission is receiving support from state Representative Fred Brown and and Bryan Police Chief Tyrone Morrow.

Brown who sit on the board of Genesis Corner House said a stable living community could help kids from challenging situations readjust.

"Kids up to the age of 17 need to have a place that they can go and feel safe and be raised in an environment that is conducive to them being able to lead a normal life," Brown said.

Chief Morrow said a good home for the kids to rely on can help keep them from getting into trouble with the law.

"If you've got children on the streets that don't have a place to go then they have the potential to get involved in criminal activity," Morrow said.

Officials with Genesis Corner House are currently raising funds so they can begin accepting children.

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services mandates that there be a budget in place of at least $60,000 dollars before hand. Right now, they are $40,000 short.

For more information on Genesis Home, call (979) 492-7954.