Tanker Truck Explodes

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8,000 gallons of diesel fuel coated Highway 30 in Grimes County after police say 19-year-old Ryan Alec of Livingston fell asleep at the wheel and veered into an 18-wheeler’s lane. One eyewitness was right behind the accident and is feeling lucky to be alive.

"I saw the tanker flip over across the street from where I was stuck in the ditch, so I got out of my car and I made it probably 75 to 100 yards before it blew up," said Trevor Strong.

Strong's brand new car was toasted on one side. Alec's car was completely totaled. It could have ended in tragedy and become a wide spread wildfire, but fire fighters from all over Grimes County arrived on the scene within minutes and were able to keep things under control.

"In this case it was somewhat contained by itself. The ditch there didn't have any runoff that went down and hurt anything or impacted the environment.

Kenny Rowarc was the driver of the tanker truck which is owned by the Brenco Marketing Company in Bryan. He was on his way to deliver the diesel fuel to Huntsville. He was visibly shaken, but escaped unharmed.

The section of Highway 30 between Roans Prairie and Carlos was blocked off for hours. Officials say those involved in the accident were lucky there were no fatalities.