Ingraham Pushes Power on Radio, Best-Sellers List

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Current best-selling author Laura Ingraham stopped in College Station as part of her book tour.

The nationally syndicated conservative radio commentator took time out to autograph her latest book, “Power to the People”.

Hundreds stood in line at the Hastings store in College Station to have their personal copy of the book signed.

Ingrahm said her third book is not the typical conservative book that fights Left Wing opinions.

Instead, she said it offers solutions on how Americans can regain their position of power.

"This is a way for parents, especially on the culture issue, to really take control of their own personal decisions, their homes, public schools, politics,” Ingraham said. “ We have a lot of influence. We have to act like it.”

"Power to the People” hit number one on’s Best-Selling List three days after its release.