Huntsville Tax Hike Postponed

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After months of working on Huntsville's budget and tax rate, the city council was ready to make a decision on Tuesday night. But all that changed due to a technicality.

"The publication of the notice of a public hearing was only seven days instead of the 10 required. So actually, you can't adopt a tax rate before you adopt a budget so we're forced to wait a week," said Danna Welter, Huntsville's City Secretary.

On September 21 there will be another public hearing and then the council will adopt the budget and vote on a 1.25 cent tax hike. The council says the money is needed to purchase a new ladder fire truck, hire a second health inspector and other city personnel among other things.

"I believe that we have worked very diligently and are showing good faith asking only for what we need above what we've had last year," said Mickey Evans, Position 3 Council Member.

It appears many residents agree with the council. Only three residents spoke out against the proposal at the last public hearing.

"They've put it off as long as they can and they are looking out for our best interest, so I think the things that they are trying to do with the money that they're taking from taxes are needed," said Jason Andrews, a Huntsville resident.

The council says it does not want to have to raise taxes, but the increase is needed to keep up with the city's growing needs.