Calvert Business wants Trash Cleaned Up

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He's been Mayor of Calvert for only one day, but he already has a controversy on his hands.

A local business owner says the city has yet to keep its word on cleaning up some property.

Derek Day owns 'Someplace Else' in downtown Calvert. His restaurant has been open since March. But he has one problem--a mess that the city has not cleaned up.

"The building is halfway falling down. And then behind me the city is now hauling old tires at the corner of the city lot and bringing in mosquitoes and I have a health issue going." Day says.

An ordinance says the city will clean up this mess. Its been 2 months and the mess on the property next door is continuing to pile up.

A run-down building next door has weeds growing at least 12 feet high. The abandoned lot behind Day's restaurant is city property.

Day says he was promised by the former Mayor it would be taken care of. Mayor Marcus Greaves says right now there's just not enough manpower.

"We have ordinances. I'm checking with our attorney now to see what power we have to do to enforce these ordinances." Mayor Greaves says.

Even though the city said they will take care of it...Mayor Greaves said it won't be anytime soon.

Greaves adds..."Of course, we want our town to be clean and nice when people come by. We want to work with people we just don't have the personnel to come down here and clean up the place."

Day is asking the City of Calvert enforces their own laws and ordinances.