Local Shelter Helps Evacuated Dogs

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The Houston SPCA is up to the ceiling with canine and feline rescues. It took in over 400 animals from Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi.

"They needed our help and we were glad to do it," said Brazos Animal Care Technician Paul O'neill.

After a quick trip to Houston, the Brazos Animal Shelter returned with nearly two dozen dogs, all hurricane evacuees from gulf coast shelters.

Brazos Animal Shelter director Kelley Durham said, "Some of them came into Houston after midnight last night and then turned around and came to Bryan today. So they're tired, they're worn out, and they're stressed and they need a nice comfy couch to lie on."

It's now a full house at the shelter, which has around 60 dogs.

To help keep track of them all, shelter workers are naming some after, you got it, hurricanes.

To help find homes for all the dogs, the shelter is offering half priced adoptions with benefits like spay and neuter and even shots.

Within an hour of arrival, the first hurricane evacuee was on her way to a new home. Nancy Ravenstar picked the canine for her looks, and her smarts.

"I said sit, she did. I figured that's a plus," said Ravenstar.

While Nancy's dog is far from her birthplace, she will have a way to remember it. Her new name is Sarasota, after Sarasota Florida.