125th Anniversary Book

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Few things last over a century and Sam Houston State University is one of them. The school is celebrating its 125th Anniversary, making this year's Parents Weekend very unique.

"We just wanted to emphasize the theme with our parents, so we're going to let them make their own history while they're visiting and we're going to give them a camera and a picture frame so they can remember what they've done over the weekend," says Mary Ellen Sims, Assistant Dean of Students.

The events planned for Parent's Weekend include a newlywed style game show, volleyball and football games, and a pre-game party. The university is also highlighting a book written by history professor Ty Cashion, on the school's rich history.

"The very evolution of how we started off as a small teacher's college and became a comprehensive research institute is a good story in itself. The book concentrates mostly on what it was like to have been a student here for all those years," says Cashion.

The book will be released at the beginning of October and Cashion believes Sam Houston would be pleased with what the school has become.

"I think Sam Houston would be very proud of his legacy school," says Cashion.