Four San Antonio Officers Suspended over Body Searches

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SAN ANTONIO (AP) - Four San Antonio police officers have been suspended without pay.

They're being punished over an incident in which several men and women said they were wrongfully searched during a police raid of a nightclub.

Women who were subjected to the searches claimed the police inspected their breasts and buttocks.

Patrol sergeants Marc Randle and Roy Miller were suspended for 45 days.

Officers Yvette Coz and Diane Tritley of the department's Tactical Response Unit each received ten-day suspensions.

Janice Maloney is an attorney who filed a federal lawsuit that claims the officers violated the group's civil rights and searched them without probable cause.

She says the suspensions are an acknowledgment that the victims' rights were violated.

But City Attorney Michael Bernard says the suspensions mean only that department policy was broken, and not that anybody's civil rights were violated.