Local Attorney Faces 50 Forgery Charges in Global Scam

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A Brazos County grand jury has heard what local authorities believes are tall tales of an attorney. She's now been indicted.

Helen Mayfield is accused of cashing traveler's checks as part of a global scam with heavy ties to Nigeria. The grand jury handed up indictments on 50 charges of forgery.

Court documents state Mayfield admitted she had been involved in six scams since 2002 in which she cashed counterfeit checks and sent a portion of the money to the scam artists.

Receipts obtained by authorities in a warranted search of Mayfield's residents showed large amounts of money had been moved by the local attorney to locales ranging from Hong Kong to Ontario, Ghana to the Netherlands, and also Nigeria, where many notable scams are based.

Authorities were tipped off to Mayfield's activities when she cashed at least a dozen counterfeit checks at a local bank in January. The search warrant turned up nearly three dozen more counterfeit checks in her home hidden under her mattress.

Mayfield remains in the Brazos County jail on more than $250,000 bond.