SPCA Seize Dogs in Grimes County

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A possible case of animal cruelty caused Houston investigators to travel to Grimes County to try and seize more than 100 dogs.

Earlier this week, the Houston chapter of the Society For The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals travelled to Iola to serve a seize warrant to Rhonda Camp.

A Grimes County sheriff's deputy says Camp was running a rescue habitation for unwanted dogs and became overwhelmed. Camp was running the habitation by herself.

SPCA investigators were alerted to the poor living conditions the dogs were in. Grimes County's Corporal Norman Lofland escorted SPCA field workers to Camp's property and says a stench could be detected from the roadway.

Once on the property, Lofland said some of the dogs had noticeable cases of mange, and a survey of the land revealed there was not enough water for the number of dogs on site.

Ninety-three dogs in all were seized, but 20 got away. The captured animals were taken to Houston for checkups and possible treatment.

Depending on the results of the SPCA's investigation, authorities say animal cruelty charges could be filed against Camp in Grimes County.