College Station Considers Limitations on Adult Businesses

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The city of College Station is working to make it easier for sexually oriented businesses to build within city limits, and at the same time, comply with federal law.

A lawsuit filed by the Silk Stocking against the city proved that a city ordinance violated a Supreme Court ruling mandating that cities allow five percent of land for adult businesses.

"It was just an oversight at that time and again what we're doing now is an attempt to correct that," said College Station Assistant City Manager Glenn Brown.

The city council will view a proposed revision of the ordinance, which currently leaves little land for these type of businesses. The revision identifies 10 commercial locations where adult establishments could build.

Planners factored in each location's distance from residential areas, churches, and even each other.

"We put in a 1000 foot distance requirement between businesses in trying to assure that they're not a group or located in any one section of town," said Brown.

It's important to note that if certain land is approved for sexually oriented businesses it doesn't mean they'll build there. It's up to the land owner and whether he or she wants to make a deal with the business.

One business owner has this to say about the map: "From a business perspective, it would be a good idea. It would be a traffic generator and good for the businesses," said A&M Expressway owner Khandakar Alam.

Other opinions vary on the proposal.

"I don't think we should have a nude bar period in this town. We're a conservative community; if people want to do stuff like that let them go to California," said resident Edward Wren.

Resident Jennifer Schmitz added, "If they're going to go, they're going to go to Houston. You might as well bring the money into College Station."

But the fact is, College Station is not meeting federal law and no matter what, will have to make a change.

The city council will review the proposed map during the September 23 council meeting.