Security Stepped Up at Kyle

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The view from the Bright complex is amazing, but the people in this room aren't watching the game. With around 20 agencies together in one room and the latest technologies at their fingertips, they're providing security for Kyle Field. Before, this group had an area near the press boxes.

"The old facility was very small," said Mike Ragan, Assistant Director with University Police. "We sort of equate it to a large walk-in closet. We worked out of it for many years, and this year, once they building was built, we talked to the athletic department."

"The point is when our fans come here and spend their money and support us 110 percent, we want to make sure that they're taken care of, that we always provide the level of security that they deserve," added Associate Athletic Director Milton Overton.

The first use of the system was last week. As with any new set-up, there was a learning curve. "The athletic department has worked very hard in providing these security features for us," said Elmer Schneider, also with University Police. "We've been learning how to use the camera systems, the pans, the tilts, the zooms, and working out the bugs."

Three cameras are stationed around Kyle Field, so they have a complete view of all the stands. So if the camera operator wants to zoom in on a seating section with a disturbance going on there, he or she can do so with just the click of a mouse.

Also, if need be, the 150-plus personnel patrolling the stadium can be linked up through one radio frequency in case of an emergency. But for the most part, things are calm at Kyle.

"The Aggie fans are really good fans," said Ragan. "There's other universities here in the state and other places where the fans give the police a little bit more trouble. Our fans are great."