Keystone Club Kicks Off at Lincoln Recreation Center

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The Lincoln Center will highlight their national Keystone Club program during the week of October 8 -12.

Every year, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America encourage local Keystone Clubs to undertake a new national project.

The national project this year is titled, "Young America Acts: Can You See Us Now?" The project's goal is to improve adult perceptions of our nation's teens.

The Boys and Girl's Clubs feel there is a need to increase the nation's awareness of teens' thoughts, concerns, and contributions to society.

The Nia Panther Keystone Club of College Station is responding by holding a discussion titled "Let's Talk" on Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.

Teens and parents will discuss the truths and myths about teenagers, and will be followed by a question and answer session with local clergy, health care agencies, and the club's staff and teens.

The discussion is open to the public and is located at The Club of Consol on 1901 C Harvey Mitchell Parkway.

The new officers of the Nia Panther Keystone Club were inducted Monday evening.