KBTX Viewers Respond to CBS Controversy

We all know that Dan Rather wanted the story to be true regardless of the evidence, so he purposely overlooked the possibility of the memos being fraudulent. Therefore, he went with the story in an effort to make President Bush look bad. NOTHING goes on CBS news without his approval.
This is the same Dan Rather who has refused to even interview John O'Neil concerning the 250+ Swift Boat Vets for fear the truth of John Kerry will be exposed.
Dan Rather's liberal bias has been exposed again; he has no credibility left, and will be largely irrelevant in the future. Too bad y'all are hooked up with him and his network.
Jim Kronjaeger
Waller, TX

KBTX is blameless in the CBS fiasco. I will continue to watch KBTX TV for local news. You only report and carry what your parent affilate sends you nationally.
How anyone can now say that the powers that be at CBS and Dan Rather in particular do not have a personal agenda concerning Pres. Bush after seeing the handling of this discredited story is beyond my comprehension.
Keep up the good work you do MIke. Report it as it is and confine opinion to the opinion segments.
James Nash
Leona, TX

We all know that Dan Rather wanted the story to be true regardless of the evidence, so he purposely overlooked the possibility of the memos being fraudulent. Therefore, he went with the story in an effort to make President Bush look bad. NOTHING goes on CBS news without his approval.
This is the same Dan Rather who has refused to even interview John O'Neil concerning the 250+ Swift Boat Vets for fear the truth of John Kerry will be exposed.
Dan Rather's liberal bias has been exposed again; he has no credibility left, and will be largely irrelevant in the future. Too bad y'all are hooked up with him and his network.
Jim Kronjaeger
Waller, TX

I was just watching your local news broadcast while I read the viewer comments about Dan Rather's forged memo story. I also read your response and I think it was responsible and accurate. I agree wholeheartedly with all of the viewer comments that I read. Few events have ever evoked as much anger in me as this one. I have written Dan Rather, both Senators and Congressman Carter about this issue. Dan Rather is so clearly biased and intent on swaying the election. How long has he been pursuing this non-story?
You said that CBS does pay attention to its affiliates. If that is true, I truly hope you will convey the feelings of your viewers to them. I do not blame KBTX or its staff. In fact, I feel that they are an integral part of this great community we live in, and I like all of the news staff. I was one of the Rotary members that presented you with the VIVA award, and I hold you in high regard. I also know the Bruffets and Bob French and think the best of them. That said, I was a little disappointed in the 6:00 broadcast tonight when they had a journalism professor on to offer his "expert" opinion. The guy bragged about reading the New York Times every day. I wonder what his political bent is? Anyway, he seemed to explain the whole thing away as an honest mistake. Then Michelle Peltier giggled sweetly. Don't get me wrong, I like her and think she does a fine job, but I think a few tough questions were in order.
I'll keep watching KBTX for local news, but I'll switch the channel for national news. Like another viewer wrote, I will tune in to CBS to watch Rather announce the election results just to see the pain in his eyes. Please keep up the good work and please tell CBS what the Brazos Valley thinks of them and their biased "news" program.
Michael Lindsey

For several years I have been both ashamed of Dan Rather's being from Texas and his very, very slanted liberal interpretation of the news.
When we push a button giving power to our TV set a few minutes before the local news and he appears, my stomach hurts. I fervently wish that he would retire. I would gladly pay for a oneway ticket for him to any place in the world if he would promise not to communicate with the rest of the world.
Shy as I am, you probably realize that I am NOT a fan of Dan Rather.
Sam Sharp

It is good that technology has moved to the point that the viewing public is not restricted to the three formerly major news networks. I stopped watching the CBS national news several years ago due to the bias of Dan Rather and CBS. My source for news is FOX where most of the time the news is not slanted either way. I do watch the local news on KBTX. I only watch CBS for special sports events. KBTX should consider other sources for programming and news. Dan Rather should have been fired or retired several years ago along with the other two at NBC and ABC.
Al Postelwait

For much of the past four decades, I had the pleasue of working with the staff at KBTX-TV while serving as an elected public official. And I must say that, without exception, everyone I dealt with was totally 'above board' and 'honest' in all of their dealings with me. I don't blame KBTX-TV for the 'liberal' political stance that CBS has taken in recent years---or the newwork's 'obsession' with "Bush Bashing." However, the Bryan/College Station area---Home of the George H. W. Bush Presidential Library---deserves better. If KBTX-TV wishes to retain it's foothold in the Brazos Valley, you need to seriously consider switching to FOX. I remember when KTBC-TV in Austin did it and we watch Austin's Channel 7 News nearly every night at 9:00pm---and the Cowboy games too. And yes, we still watch Channel 3 at 10:00pm. But I learned over the years in the political arena that the people who 'vote' ultimately have the final say. And TV viewers vote too---when they determine which network they choose to watch when veiwing the 'National News' each evening.
Keep up the good work at KBTX----You still have a lot of friends here in Caldwell!!!
Charles Sebesta, Caldwell

It was gratifying to read your beautifully presented editorial. You hit the tone I expected would come from KBTX. No excuses, no anger, no veils - simply the true unvarnished plea from an important part of our community to the rest of us for understanding. Your customers can also see that you share our outrage at the attempt to corrupt journalistic and political process. It serves your profession, your bosses, and your public well. Congratulations and thank you.
Bud Rudder

You and your station, as many others, are becoming the "conduit" of a slighted network agenda. The so called Big Three networks have been blatantly, for many years now, touting a liberal, anti conservative agenda or at the very least a one sided point of view.
This is not what most of us believe to be the true spite of journalist. True, honest and unbiased. Tell us the facts( not speculation, supposition, or suspicions) and let the public make their own opinions. Don't try to influence our thinking, stimulate it!
What Dan Rather and Company has done borderlines on the unscrupulous and at best, irresponsible journalism. If you're going to support a candidate, just come out and say it, don't try to subvert the opponent through questionable sources.
I spent 24 years of my adult life in the military, retiring as a top senior non-commissioned officer. Most of that time, my voter registration was independent. As a military professional, I felt that I should be as apolitical as possible. Read that as neutral. That's not to say that I was not aware and in touch with the issues and the candidates. I tried to keep myself up to date with candidates views, opinions and recommendations. I voted then and now for the person who I think can do the best job, not his party affiliation. When I finally did choose a party, I still kept it mainly to myself.
I never forced my views, politics, or opinions to my troops. What I did urge though, was they learn the issues and get involved in the system. Our system, the democratic system.
Is that too much to ask from our media? You are the eyes and the ears of the public in our fast paced world. Don't heard us like cattle, inform us. Is that too much to ask?
Jefre Foust
CMSgt, USAF, Ret
Bryan, TX

Dan Rather should be FIRED not resign. He intentionally set up this report against Bush during this time of re- election.
This brings a bad reflection against CBS -KBTX and all new broadcasting stations. No commentator should be 100% bias on what he reports.
Dan Rather got caught in his own trap.
Raby Wallen
Bedias, Texas

Sir, It's not bad enough that Dan Rather saw fit to treat his 'mistake' as a fifth ranked story of the day. But then as a 'discussion' you bring on Dr. Fullerton. By definition you would have to bring on someone with an alternate point of view or it's not a 'discussion'. What is wrong with you people? Why do you hide from a fair and open discussion of these important matters? The media bias is a cancer. I'll bet you won't even answer this e-mail much less broadcast my point of view.
Sidney Burton
Trinity, Texas

Every dog has is day, and after nearly 40 years of blatant bias of Dan Rather & Walter Cronkite it is poetic justice that just maybe the Columbia Broadcasting System days are over. It warms my heart to see the reaction of viewers in the local Bryan-College Station area to how sickened they are to not only of CBS, but KBTX on this whole fiasco.
God knows you won't see that reaction to viewers here in the Liberal hot bed and Kerry's home state of Massachusetts.
Nothing will give me more stratification then on Election Night, and watch
Dan Rather have to announce George Walker Bush has been reelected as President
Jonathan Copeland
Lakeville, Massachusetts
Texas A&M 1979

I submit this as a possible scenario for the CBS investigation of the questioned documents.
CBS Management: Dan, although we have information that the documents may be forged, does the content meet your political bias agenda?
Dan Rather: It certainly does.
CBS Management: Then go with it. We'll try to stonewall it.
Thomas A. Mosley
Bryan 77802

I noticed the picture of Dan Rather on the front page of your website holding a pencil to his right ear. I'm surprised that it did not go through and protrude through the other side of his head. He is truly an embarassment for the national media, and he has overstayed his welcome.
Goodbye, Dan.
Rick Barganier
College Station

Dear KBTX,
As a resident of the Brazos Valley, I am your customer. As an American, George Bush is my President. As the CBS affilliate in the Brazos Valley it is you I look to for an indication of approval or disapproval of Rather's attempts to influence our elections using forged documents. So far, I have seen nothing to indicate that your station has any opinion. Your lack of opinion gives tacit approval to the deception and stonewalling underway by CBS. This outrageous behavior by Rather/Mapes/Heyward serves as a finger sticking in my eye and as long as you refrain from condemming their behavior (on the air), so will you.
James Earl Rudder Jr. "Bud"
Bryan, Texas 77807

I recently wrote you about CBS reporting the National Gaurd Records of
President Bush. When the story first came out stating President Bush had pressured this man to lie on official documents, the story was front page news on KBTX website. Now, that CBS has admitted it was wrong in reporting negative information that was not true, nor that the documents were investigated, KBTX is not even reporting this end to the story.
When you replied to my question about KBTX official position, you stated you would take the "High Road". Had these documents been reflective of President Bush's behavior I would expect that this would be front page news. However, taking the "High Road", would suggest that KBTX would run this mistake on the front page.
Where do your principles lie?
Walter Glover
Bryan, Texas 77802

I realize that you have little control over what CBS chooses to broadcast during their national news shows. Nevertheless, I find I am outraged by the continued behavior of CBS in the face of the fact that the memos in question have now been proven forgeries beyond any reasonable doubt.
They should know better. It only takes about five minutes with Microsoft Word, using the default factory settings, to reproduce the memos they cited in their report on 60 Minutes II on September 8. They clearly chose to proceed with the story, in spite of warnings from at least two experts and the fact that all of their corroborating witnesses are known Democratic partisans. Since the report aired, they continue to stonewall, insisting the "story is accurate". However, if they can independently prove their story, there was no need to use the documents.
I respectfully request that you forward my concerns to CBS. I would also like to hear your response to CBS' actions.
John Spivey
College Station, TX 77845

I think KBTX and CBS should apologize to their viewers over the total BS Dan Rather “wool” he tried to pull over the viewers eyes.
I for one, will wait to hear the apologies before I use a service advertised on a CBS affiliate.
Thank you.

Thank goodness for cable and wireless TV. With all the options they
provide it is possible to STOP WATCHING CBS entirely. Why would anyone do that? I think you know the foul odor surrounding CBS news these days but if you do not let me briefly tell you why I cannot abide the latest from Rather and company. After a week of analysis in the press and TV it is clear that the memos in the National Guard story are forged not "disputed." Any news organization can fall victim to a vicious hoax but by continuing to deny facts that are now clear to all, CBS has in effect become a partner of the forger, not the protector of legitimate source.

Mr. Wright, don't support such abominable ethical standards. Act to
restore the integrity of your news operations and the good regard of
your viewers.
Yours truly,
Dan Lewis
College Station

I sincerely wish and request that KBTX reconsider its CBS affiliation/news source. CBS should register as a 527 Democratic organization. Their bias, and the bias of Dan Rather, is blatantly obvious. Their reporting of the news and the "truth" is a joke. I am referring, of course, to the forged Air National Guard "memos". CBS and Dan Rather do not present both sides, but only the sides and opinions that bolster their agenda of hammering Bush. In the future, I will not be tuning in to KBTX/CBS, but will only be watching FOX.
Thank you,
Weldon Jordan

How can you be associated with a group that is a corrupt as CBS News ????
W. Lynn Beason
College Station

As a long time viewer of KBTX-TV I am concerned about the surprisingly low regard in which CBS News holds its viewers.

Does KBTX stand by CBS News story regarding the accuracy of the forged and disproved (not disputed) memos? A claim that KBTX is only responsible for local programming will not suffice. The 60 Minutes II story went out over our local airwaves. Would the KBTX news team have approved running the CBS story? Would you have been satisfied by the memos? Would you have ignored your own experts?
Until there is a retraction by Dan Rather or CBS accompanied by appropriate censure of Mr. Rather, KBTX should consider suspending its broadcast of 60 Minutes II or Dan Rather/CBS Evening News.
Until I am satisfied, I will no longer be a viewer of KBTX or other CBS affiliates.
Kash Krinhop

I am outraged about the forged documents Dan Rather produced on 60 Minutes. His refusal to admit the wrong, or investigate it, exacerbates what appears to be a blatant attempt to fabricate damaging information against the President. This goes well beyond biased journalism into the realm of criminal libel and defamation of character. You should demand his resignation in order to salvage what little credibility CBS has left. You have shamed the legacy of Walter Cronchite.

I am sorely disappointed with Dan Rather's attempt to smear President Bush with what overwhelmingly appear to be fake documents. I also know you probably don't have a lot of influence with the national news department. It is indeed fortunate that kbtx doesn't have much of any local competition.
I would urge you to use whatever influence you might have to either have Dan Rather prove the accusations or retract them. I know you teach your children to do what is right. I know you always try to do what is right. Perhaps, you could do the same for cbs.
Mike Sutherland

Ode To CBS News
Your sponsors are fleeing.
Your house is on fire.
Your anchor is dragging.
Dan is a LIAR.
Sidney Burton
Trinity, Tx.

How many times will KBTX be made to look like the inept fools that they are through their affiliation with CBS? This Dan Blather debacle of presenting faked and forged military records about President Bush's Texas National Guard service is just the latest in a long line. It pleases me to watch local news; however, I now only watch KBTX if I just happen to remember to switch back from FOX when I know the CBS news is not on. Your affiliation with CBS is driving away long-time viewers like me who are hungry for a viable competitor to come into this market - when that happens, and it will, KBTX will fade from memory just as CBS is doing now!
Philip Pearce