Journalism Students Comment

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The controversy over CBS documents hasn't helped his reputation among the students who are learning journalism in the building that bears his name.

Sam Houston dedicated the Dan Rather Communications Building in 1994. Ten years later, some students are concerned about the reputation of the embattled news anchor and alumnus.

"I feel that it totally discredits Dan Rather as well as our department because he had sources that he pretty much knew were wrong and he decided that he was going to stick by them any way," said Lisa Lenander, a Radio and Television Major.

"It does not reflect upon us. We have our own mind set and we learn on our own and mistakes are going to be made, you just have to roll with the punches," said Misty McCann, a Radio and Television Major.

Opinions of Rather among students are mixed says Journalism professor Kuyk Logan who has worked in print and television news for years. He says even the best checked stories, are sometimes not checked enough.

"You spend a lot of time checking things, you think you've got it right and then sometimes you roll over a rock and something ugly comes out from under it that you didn't anticipate,” said Logan.

"I think it would really be closed minded of people for them to think negatively upon our department. Just because Dan Rather made a mistake," said McCann.

Most communication majors who spoke with KBTX say they don't believe Dan Rather's mistake will affect the credibility of the department. They say they're just trying to get a good education, no matter whose name is on the building.