Schools Beef Up Security

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After several incidents this month of purse thieves at Bryan schools, the district is tightening down on security.

"I think because of the school and there's a great involvement with parents in the school if somebody came into the classroom or if somebody came inside a lot of us know who every body is and we certainly would ask," said parent Linda Kapusniak.

If school employees weren't asking in the past, they sure are now.

All Bryan schools are beefing up security in the wake of recent incidents in the district.

Early September, Bryan ISD had a problem with purse thieves. It was reported that two females went around to several schools asking to enroll their kids or sign up to have lunch with their children. Instead they went into classrooms, taking purses and wallets.

At Sam Houston Elementary, parents often meet their kids for lunch.

The two thieves took advantage of that and as a result administrators are more vigilant in checking visitors and keeping back doors locked.

"You can't come in through the back of the school; it's locked, so that's very reassuring for a parent," said parent Sheila Whisenant.

Bryan ISD's, Sandy Farris said larger campuses like Bryan High School have a surveillance and ID badge system that helps identify who should be on campus and who shouldn't.

But, the purse thieves were identified because of quick communication said Farris.

"The police department had already notified our campuses of what was taking place, our personnel at one campus got a license plate. So, that was shut down pretty quickly," said Farris.

School officials hope the extra attention will make Bryan ISD an even safer place for kids.