Jilted Lover Charged With Arson

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With his dreams of marriage going up in smoke, police believe a Bryan man tried to get even with his girlfriend by setting her apartment on fire.

Christopher Maxey, 31, is charged with arson after authorities said he admitted to setting a fire at 403 Fall Circle in College Station on Sept. 14.

Police say when they first questioned Maxey, he denied involvement. But detectives were able to place Maxey at the scene of the crime by tracking down his girlfriend's missing laptop computer. It was the only item missing from the apartment. Police located it at a local pawn shop where an employee was able to identify Maxey as the person who pawned it on the day of the fire.

Faced with this information, police say Maxey finally confessed. He said he started the fire because he was angry his girlfriend had rejected his marriage proposal. Maxey is being held on a $45,000 bond.