Navasota Band Mourns

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This past weekend two Navasota teens were killed in a car accident in Houston. Now the school is left to mourn the loss of two of their own.

If you were to see the Navasota Rattler Band at practice, Wednesday.
It looks like a normal practice...getting ready for Friday night. But underneath....they're mourning the loss of their friend and fellow band mate...Shay Nobles.

"She was very special to all of us. She's a great person to be around, always smiling and laughing." says friend of 4 years, Alison Telthorster.

The sophomore was part of the Rattler drumline. Her band director, Paul Bramlett remembers an eager teen who always had a smile on her face. Bramlett adds, "She's always smiling. If she was ever down and could put your arm around her and you'd see her smile right away."

A tight knit group..these band members are trying to get through a difficult time. One close friend is coping by making a scrapbook of fond memories. The book will be given to their family once its completed.

"We would look at the pictures and go Oh, I remember this-it was so much fun. We would remember all the good times with her. It helped ease the pain a little bit." says Telthorster.

Shay's constant smile will always be remembered by her friends and classmates. But the band must play on...cause as they see it...that's what Shay would of wanted..

Jose Vidal, classmate and friend, "When we get out on the field..its dedicated to her."

Under normal circumstances, the gap in the drum line would be filled. But Friday night, the band will leave the gap open in tribute to Shay's memory.

The Nobles didn't have insurance. If you would like to help out the family. Donations can be made to The Bank of Navasota...In Memory of Shay Nobles. P.O. Box 491 Navasota, Texas 77868.