College Station Says No to Proposals for Adult Businesses

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After a number of residents spoke out Thursday night. Tthe College Station city council has decided to "grandfather" the Silk Stockings topless bar.

Two proposals were presented to city council. They decided not to go with either proposal.

One was to allow all C-1 zoning areas, which are locations with restaurants and gas stations, to be legal zones for adult businesses.
The other proposal was a map designating 10 specific commercial locations where these types of businesses could build.

The city will continue under its original ordinance that included a provision which limited adult businesses within 1,000 feet of schools, churches and public parks...and cannot be within 500 feet of a residential district.

"If they move out of my backyard, they're going into someone else's backyard." Pebble Creek resident, Don Jones says.

It was standing room only at Thursday night's council meeting.
Many college station residents voiced their concerns about the possibility of sexually oriented businesses in their neighborhood.

"These intities operate on two principles. They make money off the degregation of women and honoring of preverted ideas. So I don't want kids seeing that." says Chris Osbourne, a Pastor for Central Baptist Church.

The city decided to revise an ordinance that violates a Supreme Court ruling. College Station must allow five-percent of the city's land for adult businesses.

Dennis Maloney, Mayor Pro Tem says, "The city has no option but to follow the supreme court ruling that sexually oriented businesses fall under the freedom of speech. Therefore we have to provide a space for people to do there businesses."

The city says, just because land is available, it doesn't mean adult businesses will flood into College Station. Landowners still must chose to sell their land to developers wanting to build these establishments.

View the map with the proposed 10 locations.