New Shirt Tells Reveille to "Sick'em" in Wake of "Vick'em"

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A local store has fired back at Texas Tech fans who produced a shirt with Texas A&M's mascot being abused.

Inspirations at Post Oak Mall is now selling maroon shirts that read "Sick'em" in red letters on the front. The back reads "Tortilla Tech: Home of the Classless Clowns."

The shirt is in response to a shirt created by a Tech fraternity. The back showed Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick hanging Reveille, A&M's collie mascot. The front of the shirt read, "Vick'em."

"We were really upset with how they depicted Reveille on a noose, so we are asking her to do what we think is what she needs to do, and that's sick'em," said Macie Ford, the manager at Inspirations.

The Sick'em shirt hit the shelves Thursday morning, and garnered positive reaction from those who laid eyes and hands on them.

"Tortilla Tech" refers to a number of times when Raider fans have thrown tortillas onto the field, while "Classless Clowns" is what Tech fans were famously called in A&M's 2002 football media guide. The guide was later reissued with a sticker covering the comment.

"I think it's a great comeback to what they did," said shopper Brent Topa about the shirt. "It's more classy, and classless clowns is really what they are. We'll prove it Saturday when we beat them."

Karen Dunn purchased a shirt Thursday afternoon. She described it as "very classy, not like theirs. A lot of people have their views about animal cruelty. With theirs, I didn't like it at all."

Inspirations and its sister store, Aggieland Outfitters, are known for comedic shirts that lambast their rivals, but those in charge there say they know there's a line to be crossed when it comes to poking fun, and that Texas Tech's students crossed it.

"We'll just continue to sell our shirts, and they can sell theirs, but hopefully, they'll choose a different way to show their school spirit next time," Ford said.

Texas Tech administrators banned the sale of the Vick'em shirt, denounced it, and suspended the fraternity as a result. Its creator has said in hindsight, they should not have printed the apparrel.

The Inspirations shirt is not an official Texas A&M product.

Texas Tech hosts Texas A&M Saturday at 2:30 p.m. as Big XII play continues. Both teams are 5-1.