City Council Approves Only One Zone

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After many hours spent to revise a city ordinance, the College Station city council sided with concerned citizens.

On September 23, city council turned down two proposals to designate more city property for sexually oriented businesses. However, it did approve zoning for the Silk Stocking property as the only legal area for adult entertainment.

A lawsuit filed a few months ago by the strip club proved that the city was violating a Supreme Court ruling mandating cities allow five percent of land for adult businesses.

"What the citizens told us is that it may be sent down by the Supreme Court, but we feel it goes against everything that we stand for," said College Station Mayor Ron Silvia.

Dozens of citizens approached the podium to express their concerns. Not one person wanted the council to approve either proposal. Some said the revisions weren't worth it for trying to avoid a lawsuit.

Silk Stocking's San Antonio Lawyer John Fahle has been unavailable for comment. Mayor Ron Silvia said he expects the lawsuit to be dropped. Other council members agree the decision was the right way to go.

"We got a real good pulse of what the community wants and needs and I'm anxious to see how that's going to work out," said council member James Massey.

The decision may not work out well because it opens the city up to future lawsuits.

Silvia said the city could go through the same problem again if an incoming adult business wants to make College Station its home.

"I'm not sure what the future holds for us, but I hope we just don't ever have to face that," said Silvia. Although he fears a lawsuit is inevitable.