New Home For Brazos County Sheriff's Office

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Over the last couple of years, the Brazos County Sheriff's Office has been spread out to four different locations across the city of Bryan.

One day after the official move-in County Sheriff Chris Kirk says employees are really to share the same work site at the new sheriff's office building on Highway 21.

"We're all right here part of a team and I can walk out my door and go talk to anyone without having to jump in my car," Kirk said.

The new sheriff's office is a whopping 28,000 square feet, more than doubling the size of the old office spaces.

"It's gorgeous. It's functional," Kirk said. "We've got room for everybody under one roof."

Special services, the criminal investigation division, recruiting and training can now all be streamlined from one spot.

From its architecture to its state-of-the-art of amenities, there is nothing but rave reviews, and at a cost of $6.2 million dollars, there were bound to be some upgrades included.

"We got some things in this office building, we've not had before like a crime lab," Kirk said.

The lab is accompanied by a new evidence processing station, not to mention a conference command center that can facilitate emergency meetings between the sheriff's office and other agencies with interfaced technology.

The only thing not on the premises are inmates. However, Kirk says that is the goal down the road with future construction phases.

"We have actually room to expand and grow into the future," Kirk said.

Setting up individual offices will probably take a few days, but operations needed to protect and serve have not skipped a beat. It seems the new office is beginning to feel like home fast.