One Minute to Land Your Dream Job

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Some Texas A&M students learned to nab the job of their dreams in 60 seconds at a Graduate Business Career Management Conference.

Nationally renowned author and career-counselor Robin Ryan was on hand at Reed Arena on Friday to advise business graduate students on how to market themselves to potential employers within a minute.

Ryan informed the attendees, from the Mays Business School, that their character and interpersonal qualities in many cases can the determining factors in being offered a job.

Ryan says using what is called “ The 60 Seconds SellO” prospective employees highlight their most important attributes. The technique requires job hunters to analyze the job description of the position employers are looking to fill. Next, you have to select your top five, strongest selling points that you feel you possess that allow you to accomplish the listed job duties. Finally, link the five points together by creating a few sentences that you can articulate in 60 seconds.

What you have created, Ryan says, is a 60 second, verbal, business card that can be used early in an interview or at the end.

Mays Business School Associate Director of Masters Career Education and Advising Cindy Billington says Robin Ryan was selected for this year’s conference because her philosophy and expertise resonated closely with the coaching given to MBS students.

For 20 years, Ryan has been coaching students and professionals to get the job of their dreams. More on “The 60 Second SellO’ can be found in Ryan’s book entitled, “60 Seconds and You’re Hired”.