Houston CBS Affiliate Boots Rather's Radio Broadcast

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CBS anchor Dan Rather's daily radio broadcast is off the air in the area where he grew up. Houston CBS radio affiliate KPRC hasn't been running Rather's comments for the last couple of weeks.

The move came in reaction to his "60 Minutes" report that questioned President Bush's Texas Air National Guard service.

Rather last week apologized on behalf of CBS News because it could not authenticate documents used in the Sept. 8 story.

KPRC radio program director Ken Charles said he felt no anchor should ever be the story or bigger than the story.

Charles thinks it was appropriate to take Rather off the air.

A CBS spokesman declined comment.

Rather was born in Wharton, about 50 miles southwest of Houston.

He grew up in Houston, went to Sam Houston State University and worked at KHOU television before joining CBS in the early 1960's.