One Week Left to Register to Vote

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In 2000 it came down to 537 votes. There's no way to know if this year's Presidential election will come to a similar nail biting end, but if you are planning on getting your vote counted time is running out to register. All voter registration applications must be post marked by Oct. 4th.

With just five weeks to go before the presidential election, campaigning has hit a new level. Monday President Bush publicly criticized John Kerry for taking both sides on every issue.

But the Democratic candidate isn't sitting quietly either. Campaigning in dairy country, John Kerry is charging the Bush administration secretly wants to drop milk price supports after the election.

Numbers out today show George W. Bush leads John Kerry by eight percentage points in a Gallup poll for CNN and USA Today, down from a 13 point advantage less than two weeks ago.

In a big election year more people turn out at the polls.

Here at home, the Brazos County Voter Registration office is swamped. According to one employee, about two to three hundred registration applications come in every day. If you need to register you can get an application at