Caravan for Kerry

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The battle for the presidency came to the Brazos Valley Tuesday, as Democrats rallied in Bush Country to speak up for Kerry's war record and drum up support for their candidate.

But local Republicans say there are two sides to every story.

It's been veteran against veteran and two military records pitted against each other.

"We really love the kinship that we have with John Kerry. We think he served valiantly. He served patriotically and we're coming to his defense," says Rick Bolanos.

Rick Bolanos and his brothers, who all fought in Vietnam, are traveling across the country to campaign for John Kerry.

"It's important for veteran's to speak out so they know we stand in solidarity for a true patriot," says Bolanos.

But Bolanos and local vets are saying focusing on the past, is not what this election should be about.

"I'm a vet. I don't care what Kerry did 35 years ago. If I had a chance to get into the National Guard, I might have gone," says Ray White.

Republican veterans say a candidate's military record is also not the issue. But the Kerry Campaign has made it one.

"John Kerry has put forward as his primary qualification his Vietnam service and if he's gonna do that people have the right to scrutinize that service," says Andrew Dorau

Dorau served in Kuwait and Iraq. He says President Bush has earned his vote not because of his military service, but his current policies.

But those issues may get lost amid publicity that has both sides defending the pasts instead of focusing on the future.