Possible Changes to B/CS Animal Ordinances

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Some changes may be the on the way involving animals in Bryan and College Station.

For years, the animal ordinances in the twin cities have differed. Now a group is working to change that, so when you cross the city lines the rules won't change.

"The intergovernmental committee, IGC, has started to look at the animal ordinances for both cities and the county with the idea of bringing a recommendation to each of those entities that would somewhat mirror one another," Bryan Deputy City Manager Hugh Walker said.

The 15 person group is made up of citizens and members of the IGC.

Committee members say they'll be looking at the differences between Bryan and College Station, and Brazos County, which follows state guidelines.

Specifically, how the ordinances are defined and the way they're laid out.

As for pet owners, officials say any changes would align the two cities, giving residents a better understanding of the rules in place.

Tuesday, October 23, the Bryan City Council could take the first step in that direction.

"Our city council will get an opportunity to consider an ordinance change to the animal ordinance and what it really does is change the amount of time for an owner to appeal a decision that's labeled their animal a dangerous animal," Walker said. "Currently in Bryan that appeal process allows for 30 days we're going down to 15 days which puts it more in line with state law."

The IGC committee will meet Thursday afternoon at the College Station Conference Center to continue working on their recommendations.

Members of the committee say the expect to make those recommendations early next year.