25-Year-Old Aggie Grad to Make Run for Congress

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A young man who has never held an elected position wants to be the next Republican from Texas to run for the United States Congress in the November 2008 election.

Alan Steinberg, 25, of Sugar Land, Texas has set hit sites on District 22. The only difference between Steinberg and the other candidates is his age and that he still lives at home with his parents.

Steinberg says his toughest obstacle running for Congress is his age.

He grew up in Sugar Land, graduated with a bachelor's degree in psychology from Texas A&M and a Master's degree in defense and strategic studies from Missouri State. He's worked for the defense department in Washington.

Steinberg says he decided to run for Congress this summer after having enough of politics. He wants to see elected leaders who will listen more to constituents and not special interest groups.

The primary election for Congressional District 22 will be in March.