Trains Speed Reduced

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Trains traveling through the A&M campus are reaching speeds as high as 50 miles per hour.

University officials say that's too fast so Wednesday they met with Union Pacific to do something about it.

The city of College Station and Texas A&M asked Union Pacific to return trains to their previous speeds of 35 miles per hour.

Because of improved track conditions, trains have been running 15 miles faster than they used to, breaking a city ordinance.

The university fears faster trains could equal more accidents or even a derailment.

But effective Thursday, the speed has once again been reduced.

Union Pacific agreed to lower the speed to no faster than 40 miles per hour in that area.

The university is pleased that a compromise could be made.

Chuck Sippial, V.P. for Administration at A&M says, "they (Union Pacific) are interested in safety as much as we are. I also understand they have a business to run so anytime they can be more efficient in running their business they will try to take that opportunity. But fortunately they understand that safety prevails as it has in this case."

The reduced speed limit will only be in effect until the Villa Maria underpass is complete.

At that time the university plans to meet again with the railroad company to discuss permanently reducing the speed.