School Accountability

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AUSTIN (AP) - About 200 Texas schools did not meet federal improvement standards for the second year in a row. Now those schools must now offer parents the option to transfer their children to another campus -- at the school's expense.

The campuses, mostly high schools and charter schools, must mail parents a letter by today to explain their options. The 2001 federal No Child Left Behind Act says schools that receive federal Title One funds are required to show "adequate yearly progress," or A-Y-P. Schools and districts that failed to meet A-Y-P must prepare a school improvement plan that outlines how they will improve their education programs.

Among the schools now required to prepare an improvement plan are:
-- Austin's Johnston and Reagan high schools
-- Turner High School in Carrollton
-- Fort Worth's Carter-Riverside and Polytechnic high schools
-- Houston's Lee High School
-- Lubbock's Estacado High School
-- and several Eagle Academy charter campuses.