Northgate Open Container Proposal

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The days of B.Y.O.B. on Northgate could be numbered.

College Station police are working on a proposal to eliminate open containers on the promenade outside bars on Northgate.

College Station police say Northgate is changing and so must the rules.

"There was a time when it was just a handful of bars a few people get out there and gather and have their fun...we have an increasing number of people that are drinking out of ice chests and kegs," says Assistant Chief for Operations, Scott McCollum.

Police say Northgate is one of the only bar districts among Big 12 schools without an open container policy.

But police are proposing eliminating open containers outside Northgate or prohibiting kegs and coolers.

"We're looking at several different options that take into consideration all the stakeholders involved and again wanting to maintain the safety aspect of the Northgate area," says McCollum.

Inside, bar tenders can refuse to serve anyone they think has had too much to drink. But outside a person can drink as much as they want without any accountability.

"No one's maintaining whose drinking or what they're drinking or how much and that's what causes a problem," says Joe Parker, General Manager of the Dixie Chicken.

Parker says they support some type of open container restrictions.

"What we propose is to stop the keg and coolers and just have individual servings allowed out there," says Parker.

Northgate patrons say the idea will change the whole reason Northgate is popular.

"It's what makes Northgate. People come out here to drink and have a good time and relax. Taking that away. Where would you go?" Says Miguel Hernandez.

"It's tradition here and we keep it pretty reasonable, descent as well," says James Templeton.

"If they're worried about the couches and kegs then maybe they should do away with that. But to be able to buy a beer at Northgate and take it outside is something we ought to be able to do," says Lance Wheatley.

College Station Police expect to present a proposal to the city council within the next six months.