Governor Rick Perry Encourages Protecting Children

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Children, they're your most prized possession, but in no time they can disappear.

"I think everybody that has a child has that concern. If you've ever gone shopping and lost sight of your child for just a minute you freak out," said parent Angela Bates.

Recently, Governor Rick Perry encouraged Texans to enroll children in the National Child Identification Program.

While there's always the option of purchasing a child ID kit, the Bryan Police Department hands them out for free. But, there's only a limited number left.

"There's so many times around the nation that missing children will come up and there's been no way to track how to get those children back or what to even look for," said Bryan police officer Walt Melnyk.

The process is simple, takes about five minutes, and could potentially save your child’s life.

Mother of two boys, Bates said she got her child ID kits from her children's school.

"It makes me feel better, I don't know that it makes me feel safer. I'd hate to ever have to use it," said Bates.

The kit includes fingerprinting and a DNA envelope, in which you would put a child's tooth or hair and then have them lick the envelope.

"This will last years. There's been DNA evidence recovered from 20 years back on saliva on the envelope," said Melnyk.

Melnyk said it's just a way parents can fight back if something ever happened.

The District Attorney's office helps pay for the kits the Bryan Police department is handing out.