Visitors Spend $29 Million at State Fair

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DALLAS (AP) - Visitors to the State Fair of Texas spent a record-setting $29 million on coupons for food and rides at the annual 24-day event.

Fair officials say most used the coupons to purchase food, including Texas fried cookie dough and deep fried latte.

The previous record was $26.5 million spent last year.

Nearly a quarter million fairgoers rode the new Texas SkyWay by Sunday, the last day of the fair.

Bryan Berg broke his previous Guinness World Record for the tallest freestanding house of cards. He built a structure more than 25 feet tall. Workers had to remove tiles from the ceiling of the African American Museum to make room for the tower of cards.

During the Youth Livestock Auction of Champions, Texas youngsters earned an all-time high of more than $1 million with the sale of animals they raised.

Next year, the State Fair of Texas is set to open September 26.