Voters Make One Last Dash to Register

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Two-to-five hundred applications have come in every day, with 1,500 new applications and changes just in this last week. It was the last day to register to vote, and the Brazos County Voter Registration Office is dealing with the results - a lot of paperwork.

"We've seen a lot of walk-in voter registration over the last two-to-three weeks, but the last part of this past week and today, we expect it to be constant," Kristeen Roe, chief deputy of the Brazos County Tax Office. "We've had people standing in line to register to vote since 8:00 this morning."

Clerks like Cynthia Lampkin have to hand-check each and every application to make sure things are in order.

"First thing we look for is the rejects," she said. "The citizenship box may not be checked or the federal. The county where they reside may not be checked."

Originally, only wealthy white males had the right to vote in this country, but over time, everyone over the age of 18 got that right, including women by virtue of the 19th Amendment.

The document is on display at the Bush Library as part of their Year of the Woman exhibitions. It's no coincidence this piece of history is now here.

"We planned this out in the beginning of the year," said Dr. Doug Menarchik, the director of the Bush Library, "and hence, we're trying to bring all of the forces together. It all makes sense to us. I hope it makes sense to the people of the Brazos Valley."

And many people, both male and female, took the first step in exercising their constitutional right by registering.

"I think it'll be a big turnout here for people voting this year," said Kim Kitchens, who registered on the last day. "It's a big campaign this year, trying to decide which president's the best for us."

And that decision is less than a month away.