Two College Station Employees Speak Out

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It's been a stormy year for the Development Services Department at the City of College Station. A new director has been hired and widespread changes are being made. But those changes don't include City Planner, Jane Kee or Development Manager, Natalie Ruiz.

Last week, both long time employees were asked to resign and have a "peaceful separation" with the city. It was news that came as a shock.

"We've committed our careers to the city of College Station and just wondering what that next step is going to be." says Natalie Ruiz.

The next step is still unknown. In a statement released by the two city employees, both strongly believe this sudden change has to do with retaliation for testifying to the blue ribbon committee about problems within their department.

"We talked about management and leadership and some of the inefficiencies that are involved in some of our processes as a result." says 26-year employee, Jane Kee.

With a combined 40 years of service to the city...the two were expecting some new directions. But according to Natalie -- nothing this drastic.

Ruiz adds, "We've been on hold for awhile now waiting on that report and a new director to come on board. And we were anxious to start making some changes and making improvements on our department."

According to the city's employee handbook..."the amount of time granted for a leave is based on the circumstances surrounding the need for the leave"

Joey Dunn, the new director says he's in the process of re-organizing but still will not comment on the circumstances surrounding the leave.
And no deadline for how long this paid leave will continue.

Dunn says "We're not looking at the persons, we're looking at the positions . And what are the appropriate combination positions we need to make some change in the department."

As of now, Jane Kee and Natalie Ruiz have no intention to resign. Which means they will continue to be on administrative leave until the city decides otherwise.