Owner Speaks Out After Dog Shot in CS Neighborhood

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A dog debate is brewing in College Station.

It started when several residents complained about a pair of pit bulls who they said were running loose in the neighborhood. The dogs were also accused of trapping a motorist in a car.

One of the residents who reported the two pit bulls to animal control says she was walking her dog when the pit bulls began to approach. She says they weren't necessarily being aggressive, but that she didn't want to wait to find out if they were. She wishes to remain anonymous.

When one of the animals reportedly lunged at an officer, the dog was shot.

The streets of Pleasant Grove and Pleasant Forest were anything but pleasant Monday morning.

"The first intent was to capture the dogs, and they tried very hard to capture the animals. However, they were unsuccessful," Police Chief Michael Clancey said. "The aggressive behavior of the dogs necessitated that the police officer shoot one of the dogs."

The two year-old canine was struck in the face, but managed to make it back to his home. CSPD says they followed the animals and contained them in the backyard, then waited for the owners of the animals to return home.

That is what has the dogs' owner very upset.

"I didn't understand how they can shoot a dog and just lock it in the backyard and sit there and watch," Aubrey George, owner of Kilo, the injured dog, said. "I mean, whenever I got here, the animal control was just standing on his truck looking at my dog. After the porch was covered in blood, they weren't going to do anything?"

"From observing the dog, the animal control officers said because of the breathing, the normal breathing, the lack of distress shown by the dog, that it would be best to contact the owners and handle it that way," Clancey said.

George and his roommate were ticketed for having animals "at large," but contend neither of the animals are dangerous.

"Pit bulls get a bad name," George said. "Its not the dog itself. It's how you raise it. My dog loves to play. He's the friendliest dog ever."

College Station police say they did make every effort to contain the dogs using poles to lure the dogs in, and that their primary concern was keeping the neighborhood safe.

Kilo remains at a local vet, but is said to be doing well. The other dog was unharmed.

CSPD says the investigation is ongoing.