Low Turnout So Far for Constitutional, Local Elections

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Voter turnout in state constitutional amendment elections typically is not that high in Brazos County, and that trend is continuing this year.

"Right now, it's kind of low," said County Clerk Karen McQueen. "Presidentials, of course, they vote heavy the first day and all the way through for two weeks. It depends on what election, but it is kind of low right now."

Numbers show about 150 people have voted during the first three days, according to McQueen.

In 2005, the last constitutional election, some 3,000 voters cast ballots in early voting.

"I think people are just studying on [the amendments] a little more and hopefully, by the end of the week or next week, it'll start picking up as they make up their minds on how they want to vote," McQueen said.

Along with 16 amendments, voters in Brazos County can also decide on a $55 million bond to fund the further expansion of the soon-to-be-built jail. If approved, officials say they facility could hold inmates below capacity for 25 years.

In Bryan, voters there will decide whether senior citizens should have a tax freeze enacted.